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  • 13.09.2014 - BE - Fabrieken van Olen - Olensfest
  • 25.10.2014 - GR - Athens - Gagarin 205
  • 26.10.2014 - GR - Thessaloniki - Principle Club
  • 30.10.2014 - DE - Bremen - Aladin
  • 01.11.2014 - DE - Oberhausen - Turbinenhalle
  • 02.11.2014 - DE - Cologne - Live Music Hall
  • 04.11.2014 - DE - Saarbrucken - Garage
  • 05.11.2014 - BE - Antwerp - Trix
  • 06.11.2014 - NL - Tilburg - 013

"Party 'Till You Puke"

Come on everybody
Tonight it's party time
Grab a bottle or a crate
Leave your blues behind
You're gonna need the cavalry
To get you outta here
The last time that we had one
It lasted for a year
We're gonna party
Party till u puke
(These people are sick)
We're gonna party
Party till u puke
Till u puke
Don't worry about the neighbours
They're blind drunk in the loo
There'll be no trouble from the police
'Cos they're all in here too
We got the music cranked right up
It's blowing off the roof
There's people drinking gasoline
It must be two hundred proof
We're gonna party
Party till u puke
(Will someone get me outta here?)
We're gonna party
Party till u puke
Till u puke
(These people are weird!)
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